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Pack 194 – Memorial Day Participation

Monday, May 30th  Memorial Day Parade

10:45 -10:55 AM Bedford High School

Scouts are welcome to start here; the memorial is right across the road from the playground, at the junction of the high school and library. After the ceremony, we’ll need to jog over to the town commons to join the main crowd.

11:00 AM Parade Step off time.

From the town commons, we will organize the flag-bearers, grouping, and so forth. The scouts will be coached on why we’re doing this and how to behave. When appropriate, we will quietly slip into the main parade line heading down Great Road, right after the BHS marching band.

Some points to remember:
This is a somber event; no candy etc.

Class A uniforms; as perfect as they can muster, shirts tucked in, shoes tied, caps, neckerchiefs with clasp.
A bottle of water and sunscreen application is a good idea.
Kids need not stay for the entire duration, as they tend to get fidgety; we’ll find a mutually agreeable departure time, and respectfully, and silently disperse.

If the weather is bad, it will still be held, but at the high-school

This is an important event for Scouts as citizenship and community are part of the core of the program.  Since it is important, but not one of the flashy, fun Scouting events, boys who participate will get extra raffle tickets at the June cookout event (details forthcoming)

Saturday, May 21st May Campfire Event

May Campfire!

Starting at 7:00 PM, join us for a campfire on the Brown property off Turf Meadow Drive.  This will be a fun-filled family event. Come one, come all!  Key things to bring are bug spray, a flashlight, (it will be surprisingly dark when the campfire is over), and a chair for best comfort during the event

The campfire ring is a 3-5 minute walk  down a path from parking, so please plan accordingly to get to the event on time. We suggest being in place by 6:50pm. We realize that some boys may have sports, etc…While we promote the wearing of our uniforms… please feel free to come right from any event, even if running late, or if your boy doesn’t have time too change into their Scout uniform.. we want as many that can to attend! We will be doing skits and toasting S’mores, so come enjoy the evening.

We will not be doing a sleepover event as we did with the October campfire.  The campfire will be the event for the evening.

Beautify Bedford Event – May 7th

Beautify Bedford

On Saturday, May 7th, we will be holding our annual event to help clean up Bedford. To participate in the event you need to:
Show up at the Bedford DPW lot (left of the DPW building across from Stop and Shop) any time between 9am and 2pm. Individual scouts (with parents) or groups welcomed. You will see our canopy set up in the parking lot.

You will be assigned an area in Bedford to clean up. Length of participation is entirely up to you. It’s good to plan on 1/2 hour to an hour of clean up depending on how many people are in your group.

There will be some work gloves available but if you have your own please do bring them. Trash bags will be provided. Please come prepared with bug spray and sun screen as needed.

Class B uniforms (Pack 194 T-shirts) and hats are recommended. This is our chance to show the community that the scouts are giving something back to the community that supports them year after year.

When you are done with your area, you can return to the DPW lot and leave trash bags at the dumpster there. If you see any large items that are too big to put in the bag or fit in your vehicle, note the location and that information will be passed on to the DPW for pick up later in the week.

Your Den Leader should be communicating with you shortly regarding this event.  Some dens may choose to do this as a grouped den activity.

Since community service projects are an important part of Scouting, boys participating in this event will earn extra raffle tickets for our year end picnic event in June.

© 2024 Cub Scouts Pack 194 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 Cub Scouts Pack 194 - Boy Scouts of America