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Uniform Placement Guide Now on Pack 194 Website

One of the most common questions Pack 194 leaders get is, “where does this go on the uniform?”  It can be confusing with all of the patches.  There are multiple resources on the web, but some of them are outdated.  The BSA has recently updated the official uniform inspection sheets to reflect some of the recent changes in the program, so they have now been posted to the Pack 194 website as a resource to assist Scout families.

They can be found at the URL:

While Pack 194 doesn’t do formal uniform inspections at this time, we do stress the importance of the uniform and will often play, “the Uniform Game,” at pack meetings.  These sheets are the simplest, yet most complete guide that we have found that accurately describes where items belong on the uniform.

The importance of the uniform will be a part of the discussion at the November Pack Meeting.

November Pack Meeting

The November Pack Meeting will be on Monday 11/30 at 7pm at the JGMS cafeteria.  This meeting will include our annual participation in the Toys-for-Tots program.  If you have or are able to obtain a new, unwrapped toy to donate to participate in this program, please bring it to the meeting.  We will also have a discussion about the importance of the uniform and request that boys all wear their best representation of the Class A uniform to the meeting.  I hope to see you all there.

Drumlin Farms Trip

I had mentioned in a previous email update that we wanted to do a pack trip to Drumlin Farms.  The original date we were hoping for (this weekend) did not work out, but we now have a firm date!  The event will be held: Sunday, November 22 at 1 pm

Please see the URL: for details on how to sign-up for this event.  Please note that there is a short window to sign-up and the deadline is only a week away.

Pack 194 Veterans Day Activities

Pack 194 will have a presence at the Veterans Day ceremonies to take place at Memorial Park on Wednesday, November 11th.  Please see the URL:  for details and contact info.

Teaching the boys the importance of celebrating those who have served/are serving in the armed services is important.  If you are available to participate, please come and join us.

At the end of the year at our June cookout event, we have a raffle where boys get tickets for prizes based on their level of participation during the year.  Certain events such as community oriented and service type events count as “extra credit” and earn more tickets than the more “fun” events.  So, this is a chance for the boys to both learn about the importance of Veterans Day AND earn themselves bonus tickets for the raffle.

© 2024 Cub Scouts Pack 194 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 Cub Scouts Pack 194 - Boy Scouts of America